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Choosing the home that’s right for you can be challenging

With so many housing options available it can take a bit of work to not only buy a home, but also deciding on what type of home to purchase.
Choosing the home that’s right for you can be challenging

The needs of first-time homebuyers differ from those of growing families and empty nesters, and vice versa. Stacked townhome? Single detached home? Condo? Here we list some reasons to consider them all.

Each home style, whether it’s a condominium, townhome, or detached home have their pros and cons. Lifestyle choices, locations, not to mention budgets, and level of involvement when it comes to maintenance, all factor in when it comes to choosing the style of home that’s right for you.

Condominiums – usually reserved for homeowners who want a maintenance-free lifestyle. They want to simply lock and leave. This type of apartment-style affords condo owners the peace of mind of having attached neighbors, common areas (including hallways) and a greater overall feeling of security and comfort.

Townhome – on the other hand, a townhome gives buyers a greater degree of privacy and having a separate entrance allows you to come and go as you please away from prying eyes. There are no common areas that you’re a partly responsible for maintaining. However, in the case of freehold townhomes all outside maintenance is the homebuyer’s responsibility.

And then of course there’s single detached housing. Simply put, a single detached home is just that, a separate dwelling uncoupled from any other buildings. The perks of course lie in the fact that it is a separate space, there’s no sharing of space at all and the home boasts its very own backyard. The only downside is that these much coveted aspects of a single detached home come at a premium and out of all the options presented it is easily the most expensive one.

Regardless of which home buying option you decide upon, Maple Brook Homes has something for you. All built and backed by an award-winning builder beyond compare. For more information on Maple Brook Homes and our obsession with building communities of distinction and quality contact us at info@maplebrookhomes.ca or visit our sales centre at 164 Cemetery Rd., Uxbridge.

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