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Picking a builder

The right builder makes all the difference.
Picking a builder

Simply put, buying a home is the biggest purchase decision any of us will ever make. It’s where you and your family will hang your hat for years, where moments will be shared, children will be raised, and more importantly, a lifetime of memories will be made and cherished. So when it comes time to choose a builder, the key is to NOT choose a builder that can turn your dream into a nightmare.

As a family-run business with a history for building great homes in stellar communities, we here at Maplebrook Homes know a thing or two about how to choose the right builder. Here is our top 5 list of things you should look for in a builder that’s not only reputable, but talented as well.

  1. Quality.
    Your home is where your children will run, play and laugh. Where lasting memories of milestones, birthdays, and Sunday dinners will endure. You’d rather be “in the moment” than worried about costly repairs to your home. Especially structural repairs that can cost not only money, but time. When choosing a new builder you’re first priority should be the craftsmanship and care that they put into their new home builds. Ask to tour previous projects, check references, and ask a lot of questions about the structural components of a home that you can’t see. Also, choosing a builder that utilizes ONLY high quality products from the ground up ensures a quality built home every time.
  2. Research, research, research.
    Finding a builder that checks all the boxes for you can be time-consuming, but it is completely necessary. The location you want to build on is a great starting point. Word of mouth is the best referral or consult friends and family that have had a home built. They’ll give you opinions that best suit you and your needs. Some people treat it like a job interview. Make a shortlist of builders and interview them like they’re applying for a job.
  3. Transparency is critical.
    The more reputable the builder, the more likely they are to be upfront with estimates and timelines. Not to mention, their unique approach to new home construction, the products they use, and all the talented sub-trades they employ to get the job done to their specifications. If your builder has trouble answering any of these questions then it’s time to rethink your decision.
  4. Ask tons of questions.
    No one wants to appear like they’re less than knowledgeable. But building a new home is a colossal investment of both money and time. It’s in a reputable builder’s best interest to answer any and all questions you may have. Not only will great builders listen attentively and answer ALL questions, they will actually encourage your curiosity and passion for your new home. If he/she doesn’t then that is a serious red flag.
  5. Make sure you and the builder are on the same page.
    Don’t just look for a builder, look for someone you can connect with. A builder who listens will best be able to articulate your vision and goals throughout their work and will understand what products and design touches will best accentuate your tastes and preferences.
  6. Choose a builder who gets back to you quickly.
    If you have a question in the selection process and the builder takes a week to get back to you - that’s a problem. And a clear sign you should perhaps rethink your selection. Problems will naturally arise during the design and construction phases, basic communication should NOT be one of them.

Truth be told, there’s no definitive answer for how to choose the right builder. But following these simple tips can assist you in choosing the right builder for you and your family. For more information on how to make the homebuilding process easy for you, contact us at or for further details poke around this site and see some of the communities we’ve been proud to build over the years.

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